LinkedIn signal search helps filter social updates

February 3, 2011

A new feature called signal search has launched on LinkedIn. Basically it’s search and filter mechanism for status updates. What sets it apart from using Twitter is of course its integration of personal and professional data.

With signal search users can for example search for updates such as “vacancy” and then filter down to a location and specific company. Great for job hunters.

B2B marketers may in the same way look for prospects by searching for anyone looking for services that they offer (for example “leads”), and then filter down by geography and industry. The topping on the cake is the ability to also filter by network, so only people you know or through your extended network to see how you can get introduced. Handy indeed.

It will be interesting to see more creative uses of this feature, and if it will increase LinkedIn updates and/or number of people connecting twitter to LinkedIn updates.

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