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January 12, 2011

“I know what you did last page view” wouldn’t really cut it as a movie title. Still, behavioural targeting has managed to scare some people.

Behavioural targeting is however not much more than a personalisation based on past behaviour which, when ethically used, should create a win-win situation for all involved. More relevant adverts for the consumer and better results for advertisers. And it shouldn’t be all about advertising, but also implemented closer to the conversion point – your website.

While recent discussions about behavioural targeting and personalisation has been about advertising platforms, the concept is far from new. Elements of personalisation have for long been used by ecommerce sites such as Amazon which cleverly suggests products based on user behaviour. But it’s not just ecommerce websites that can take advantage of some sort of personalisation. Customising the website by the user behaviour can greatly enhance engagement and user experience for both content sites, support forums and affiliates alike to name a few.

Free website personalisation service

I’ve recently become acquainted with the service BT Buckets. This is a site personalisation service that is free of charge up to a certain usage limit (which is quiet high thus will give you a good sample to work with to understand its capabilities). BTBuckets is a one-tag installation and once activated, it starts to segment your visits are per your defined “buckets”. For starter there are four buckets:

  • new visitors
  • returning visitors
  • search engine vistors
  • social media visitors

These basic segments simply look a the referral data of the visitor. But this is just the beginning. The real power is in creating highly targeted segment for website personalisation.

If you have a WordPress powered content site, you could for example create a bucket with people who’ve visited x amounts of articles within a certain category. This information could later be used by a tool such as the BTBuckets wordpress plugin to automatically show the latest articles on the key topic next time a visitor in this bucket returns to the website.

Another simple but effective use of BTBuckets is to be viewed at analytics supremo Eivind Savio’s blog.

What’s your experience of on-site personalisation?

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