Is Twitter Search Ads the next Affiliate Gold Rush?

March 4, 2010

While little is known about the impending implementation of search adverts on Twitter Search, one thing is certain: affiliates will be there. The initial roll-out might utilise manual management of adverts and work exclusively with hand-picked agencies and brands, but in my mind it’s inevitable that there will be a self-service model similar to search engines and Facebook. Here are two compelling reasons: it reduces Twitter’s costs, and generates a massive tail of smaller advertisers.

About a year ago, Twitter Search reached almost 2.8 million unique visitors a month performing many more searches. To put things into perspective, Twitter Search overtook Google’s blog search functionality, based on unique visitors.

While you can argue that this was mostly a reflection of the poor quality of Google’s Blog Search, fact of the matter is that Twitter is where people went for social results. I haven’t got any more up to date stats, or know how the integration of tweets into Google and Bing have fared, but think it’s safe to assume that Twitter Search ads is the biggest opportunity yet for advertisers and affiliates to monetize real-time search.

Technicalities aside, the biggest question is how people will interact with the adverts. Are people searching on Twitter in the same way as they are on regular search engines? Are they in the same mindset? Quiet possibly not.

From a direct response point of view, the tough nut to crack is what type of products, services, keywords and messaging will work (if at all). And with the component of real-time, there will be a never ending data stream of new phrases to test against a campaign – exactly the kind of stuff that will entice the the entrepeneurial and analytical search marketer and affiliate.

While that’s great for conversion testing, brands and networks need to make sure that they are monitoring the implementation by affiliate partners to make sure that they don’t damage the brands. Ergo, it’s time to take a look at revising those affiliate T&C’s.

What’s your thoughts on Twitter Search ads?

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