Google AdWords Comparison Ads – Big Impact on Finance Marketing

October 30, 2009

Google is constantly testing new ad formats, and the latest is a possible game changer for the finance sector and affiliate comparison sites.

The new AdWords Comparison PPC ads lets users see various offers directly in the paid search advert. And by the click of a button they are taken to a full-blown Google-hosted comparison page where they can enter their details, sort and compare the results and ultimately request a quote. This whole processes is managed by Google who collect the lead information and even anonymize the user’s phone number so the advertiser’s call centers can follow-up on the lead.

UPDATE 24 feb 2009:

The comparison ad format is now being tested in the UK for Credit Cards.

Screenshot from InsideAdWords Blog (click for larger image)

Screenshot from InsideAdWords Blog (click image for larger image)

So what’s the catch for finance companies with this new ad format? Google will, just like any other comparison site or lead affiliate, take a commission for each completed lead.

Currently these comparison ads are only available in the US for a few selected advertisers, but I expect more will follow shortly.

It’s no wonder that Google specifies in its AdWords guidelines that business models such as comparison sites and aggregators are heavily scrutinized when using their PPC platform – Google wants to be the Super Affiliate.

Read more in Google’s official blog post.

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